Sessions and classes

Counselling  or  Coaching Sessions

Sessions are generally held on a weekly basis and pricing is £50 per session. This amount is payable in advance before each session. Sessions are 1 Hour in duration. We are happy to work short or long term depending on your needs.

The 1st consultation session is free of charge. Initially we may agree to work for 6 sessions and then review to make sure the counselling or coaching is helping and you wish to continue. At this point if we decide to continue we are happy to work in an ‘open ended’ way with regular reviews. If your budget is limited you might wish to consider working on a short term basis. Time limited Coaching & Counselling can be very effective but it’s best for us to make this decision from the start as our focus will be much more defined. We would agree an amount of sessions from the beginning.


Low cost service

This is available to Harlow Residents only, spaces are limited and there is a waiting list. To qualify for low cost  Coaching or Counselling you must be receiving benefits or be on a very low income. Sessions will be 50 minutes in duration and the cost will be negotiated depending on income but generally around half the usual fee. The Initial consultation is free of charge and then payment will be required weekly in advance.



All our sessions are available from Harlow Community Wellbeing Centre, Pollards Hatch, Kingsmoor Rd, CM19 4LA

or online via Zoom 




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