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What we offer

Support the overall Mental Health & Emotional Well-being of Individuals, & Communities 

Helping to improve Self-Esteem, Self-Expression,  Confidence, Choice & Freedom 


Life Coaching  

Group support services 

One to One support services 

Group Training to support businesses for individual personal development  


I am Shelly Reynald, one of the Counsellors here at 4Integrity

Integrity offers you a safe, confidential place to talk about your life and anything that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable. A place where you can learn more about yourself and others, get to know your mind, your feelings, who you are and how you tick.

It is about being listened to and being understood. It is about being asked the right questions and being offered an Inside-Out Understanding on your experience of your life.

Contact us to ask any questions you may have or to arrange a free consultation 

I am Suzette Mondroit and I am one of the Coaches at 4Integrity .

We often look to the relationships we have in our lives and want to enhance or fix them, but rarely do we pay attention to the most significant relationship – the one we have with ourselves, after all, who else will you spend every moment of your life with other than yourself?

 Be the change you want to SEE in Your Life

When we understand our thinking we have freedom and choice over our own story

Our  Mission is to offer a personalised, professional and caring service
to support Individuals to support Themselves in all areas of Life
* Creating Together Better Lives * Better World * Better Future * 

The service we provide is Tailored to you and your Personal or Professional requirements

 You bring the What  We bring the How and together   We create the When