Suzette Mondroit

Hello, I’m Suzette and I am one of the co-founders and Directors of Integrity PPD Ltd and Mentor of MoreToLife Courses. I am a qualified NLP Practitioner. 

My professional working life started in the Ambulance Service and although this career was cut short after only 5 years, being of service to others to aid their progress or development, has remained my guiding purpose.

The next decade of my life involved many different career paths as I explored what felt right for me, both personally as well as professionally. I became involved with local charities and gave my time, knowledge and experience in a voluntary capacity. This way to be of service to others is such a joy; yet the reality of life is that we all need to make a living too!

I am passionate about individuals’ growth as the person they are in their lives. This is the key to everything else; as it is from this perspective that we interact with life and make choices about how we will be and what we will do. It is a privilege to be alongside someone as they explore what their next steps could be and what rings true for them.

My own personal growth and development is vital too. Every connection I make enriches me in some way and there is always something to learn.

I am blessed to have two wonderful teachers in my Son and Daughter. Sharing their lives as they grow, learn and develop, is a constant joy; and with the next generation of our family coming along, our lives are further enriched.

I have been exceptionally fortunate to have been part of the ‘Passmores Academy family’ for the past 10 years, this experience has grown and developed me immensely, both personally, and also in my professional knowledge and expertise. It has enabled me to know which direction to focus myself toward now and equipped me to be ready for the exciting challenges ahead!

I look forward with excited anticipation to see what this new chapter in my professional life creates for others as well as myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read my personal statement; I trust that we will connect again.

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