CPD Accredited and Certified Courses

Continuing Professional Development

Many professionals are now required to keep their knowledge and skills current and up to date,beyond any initial training. The CPD process supports individuals to manage their own developmenton an ongoing basis supporting life long learning.


 We work in Partnership with
More To Life
A Community Interest Company 
MTL offer a valuable resource of Courses and Training for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves, about others and the world around them.
Integrity are privileged to offer
3 life-enhancing MTL
CPD Acreddited courses
Taught by More To Life licensed mentors.  




The Power of Self-Esteem 

Understanding ourselves through self-awareness. 

Being more equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs. 


The Power of Purpose  


Discover how intention and purpose

are integral to the creating the lives we want for ourselves. 

The Power of Connection 


Developing our connection with others.

Learning how to communicate what really matters. 



Certified Workplace Courses 

Integrity provide Certified Courses for essential and often compulsory Training in the Workplace
including any individual Certificate Training requirements.
We can provide First Aid Training in schools, building industry, the Private and Public sector. 
*Health and Safety     *First Aid in the workplace      *First aid for children 
*Food safety            *Fire Safety              *Safeguarding Children and Adults
& More 
Integrity provide Courses, Training, Workshops
Coaching & Counselling
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