About Us

We are friends and colleagues who care passionately about enrolling, enthusing, inspiring and educating

We met in 2004 on a More to Lfe Course called The Power of Purpose. It was an amazing, learning, connecting experience and  together we started up an enrichment group; with the purpose of practicing the processes taught on the course. Our group met regularly over the next several years, and we have been a solid support network for each other

As like many people we have personal experience of many of life’s challenges, that can often be accompanied by anxiety, panic, depression and fear. This began our quest for learning about ourselves and others and this motivates us to want to support others to support themselves and make a difference

We are all Trained  in different areas and are Mentors of Personal Development Courses that have been successfully delivered within the local community over a number of years. 

Some of the Service Users we have delivered Courses for have included local charities, such as, The CALM Centre and Employability, in support of their clients and Harlow Education Consortium (HEC) in support of parents and educational professionals. 



Every family unit, community, organisation or business is made up of individuals

It is these individuals that make a difference to each and every area in their lives, be that in a personal, social or work context

The well-being of individuals is fundamental to the health and vitality in all of these areas

 .We have specialist knowledge & experience in Education & Health 

 Together we have over 40 years combined experience of supporting the well-being of others  

Lisa Bayford

Lisa is an Accredited EFT Practitioner and Self Esteem Mentor. She runs the Business, Finance and Administration side of Integrity. Anything you want to know or to book a free initial consultation contact Lisa and she will be happy to help you.

Suzette Mondroit

Suzette has worked within Education for over 10 years in the roles of: Learning Mentor, Key Worker in complex family support situations, Academic Coach; personal Coach to staff (including Head teacher), Trainer – delivering Coaching & Growth Mindset trainings to staff and parents, as well as delivering Coaching Trainings as an external provider to other schools. She is currently developing her NLP knowledge and certification into the business field too.

Nicky Needham

BA (Hons) Midwifery and Women's Health studies. Nicky is a qualified Midwife and Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (Health Visitor) currently working in a Senior Public Health role.  With over 20 years experience in pregnancy and childbirth Nicky is passionate about encouraging and promoting positive mental health in pregnancy and with new parents. She also teaches first aid in the workplace and paediatric first aid in child care settings. Nicky has been mentor in self esteem since 2002 and has extensive experience of teaching to individuals and in groups.

Shelly Reynald

Shelly is a qualified Counselor and Self-Esteem Mentor. She provides a Counselling Support Service for children and staff in a school in Harlow. Her passion and commitment is to support people to live the very best of their lives, understanding their own minds more. and their own unique value and worth.


After a one to one meeting with my self explaining my aimes and objectives for my employees, a tailor made course was planned and succesfully delivered.
I would highly recommend this business and we are planning another course to run in the near future. 👍👍👍👍👍 A+ Peter James Harlow Gymnastics  22/8/16